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I had a dream. A dream of living a life free of authoritative control and manipulation over my decisions, actions and free will. A dream to build a life that was guided by my personal priorities and moral compass. I had a dream that one day I would own a piece of the future that I generated free of the system. Breaking all of the rules and sticking it to the proverbial "man". Instead I have 

Originally, during the early plans to become an artisan and sell crafts, I tried marketing my works online. This failed endeavor is what is known as Lucid Imaging. In my mind, there was nothing more dignified, as a form of protest to the system, than to sell trash with respectable artwork. The name "" is also a piece of protest art against the system as well. A title given to me by the government, once I finally caved and registered my business practice within their authority. I am a registered artisan; given the privilege to call myself a "bonafide artisan", now that I am a licensed and registered "business" owner.

The submission was to my personal benefit. I would have never been allowed to participate at local events without the proper documentation of the governing system. In order to coordinate with the banks, the same documents that quantified me as a bonafide artisan, allowed me to sign up for a business bank account. These documents acquired also allowed me to set up my online store. A web of interlocking operating systems that cannot be worked around unless customers pay direct in cash. This story is also the origin story of CocoBling.  

I discovered that by registering as an artisan I could sell my crafts without the need to pay taxes. Such an appealing idea. Not only do I have control of my production and designs I could also avoid paying the government for the 'privilege' of selling my personal creations. Freedom never sounded so appealing, until I actually spoke with the bureaucrats that assisted me. In order to get my license I had to change my art style because there wasn't a category for "painted bottles". Naturally, I suggested to call it "upcycled crafts" but despite my appeal, I was offered a chance to create coconut art. At this point I've already been broken and have given up on the dream. So, I learned to make coconut artwork and called my new endeavor CocoBling. 

I had a dream that I could demonstrate to my child that there is a way to work around a broken system in a broken society. We are living in a world where tax dollars are misused and political power is taken to divide and wage war on foreign lands. Classism is used to hold back the common man. The money system is a means of control that is in the hands of a few, yet needed and required by all. A system of enslavement. A means to dominate and handle the public but not within their democratic authority. I had a dream that I could be an example for my daughter through my actions and could stand tall and tell her, "See, we are free! Look what can be done with dedication and commitment."  

To my benefit, I will still be able to preach these principles on location at local fairs to my customer base and raise my prices to any digital transactions. Yet, I am not unaware of the hypocritical nature of this form of protest because I have given up. I am trapped into this web of manipulative bureaucratic system operations. Running to the store for print outs of official documents "required by law" to be posted on location. Making sure I have all of the proper paperwork that might be needed - if the fire department shows up. Using digital transactions to ensure I earn as much as possible. I still need to buy my own home - a home shouldn't feel like such an unattainable ambition. 

This online store is important. A monument to the reality of the hopeless ambition to escape the slavery. A testament, that even though I have failed and given up to the cause, I did it to ensure I can still obtain the same goal of one day building, designing and purchasing a home. Maybe it won't be cash in had that the government didn't know about but it will happen. I had a dream but not the community support or the creative potential that helped me build enough revenue.   

As a bonafide artisan tied into the system, I benefit from the local promotions and foot traffic that will be generated from upcoming events. The CocoBling "pop up" has taken me a while to generate. There is no real creative ambition put into the designs because again (the government required me) to focus on Taino and cultural elements into my work, as part of the commitment becoming a bonafide artisan. Fortunately, most of my artistic effort is put into dreaming of new ideas. Now, I simply pick something from the list of potential concepts and create in bulk. I have a large variety of coconut products available for the passing tourist. 

I had a dream and then I was awake that dreams are for the children, ignorant and insane. There is no escaping this broken society or it's broken system. Unless the dream is to live in a ditch or to be imprisoned for being homeless for living on the streets. I had a dream that this world was more than the rich versus the poor and the haves and have nots. I had a dream that hard work, commitment, and dedication was more than enough. I had a dream that vanished and became my online store called "" and your business is welcomed here. Discounts are offered at the CocoBling "pop-up."    

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