Wage Slavery as an independent business owner in the modern era

There is a strange mathematical correlation to consider when making long term financial goals.

As a small business owner, my personal ambition of lifestyle over profiteering has put my path in the direction of creating needless articles of decorative and aesthetic appeal. Adding to the consumer stockpile of impractical spending vs providing sensible localized needs. Such as geo-textiles or other building mediums, the eventual objective of CocoBling. Living at the level of 'poverty' wages was never the goal but has become the outcome. Lucky for me, I have family that financially supports me and that allows me to live this lifestyle to prioritize personal ambition and purpose. Yet, I have become a financial burden on those I care for. The plan was for the crafts to become a self sustainable business that evolves. Assuming the financial goals were obtainable. {above poverty}

According to the US 2022 Federal Poverty Guideline; $27,750 a year is the minimum earnings for a family of four, when considering 'poverty'. So, let's round that number up to the highest round number. At about $30,000 a year to set our goals at a modest and obtainable level but remaining just above the federalized standard of "poverty." This number is how I will determine sales goals, prices or needed production. A real simple equation. $30,000 divided into twelve months... That's about $2,500 of sales needed a month. That's equivalent to about $625 a week or about $16 an hour for a 40 hour work week.

How weird... in order to live at poverty wages for a minimum of about $30,000 a year, you need to make about $16 an hour and work 40 hours a week? That's strange. I digress, That is not the point I am trying to make.

If I need to make about $625 a week, to reach this goal... how many items a week do I need to sell if I am setting the prices at about $10 an item on average? That too is really easy math... All I have to do is divide the goal of $625 by the average item cost of $10 and you get 62.5 articles. Each week? Ouch. That would mean in order to obtain this goal I would need to create, process and sell 62.5 items every week for 52 weeks of the year and that would mean I have to complete 3,250 articles.

So if I work five days of the week for every 52 weeks a year then I would have about 260 work days. Let's call this the production days. So, I have to produce 3,250 article within these 260 production days. Another easy math equation , articles divided by production days will tell me how many items I need to create daily. Then, we are talking about 12.5 items a day or 62.5 articles a week. The math adds up. Simple enough right? That is a lot of items a week just to make it to poverty level. I'm raising prices to an average of $20.         

Here is the real mind bender when considering the mathematics. These numbers calculate the amount needed in sales to reach a goal of earning  'poverty' level wages. Remember, these are sales that are imagined and projected as a possibility; not a guarantee. Sales that do not include paying for promotions, fuel cost, or wages for working events. There is also the cost of material that is not considered. Plus, the possibility of making no sales but putting in all of the work. {which has been the case} 

A high price to pay to live a lifestyle that creates a sense of purpose. A lifestyle that feels more like freedom than enslavement shouldn't seem more stressful and challenging then being a subordinate for a corporation. In my opinion.

Poverty wages was never the ambition or the direction but it is most definitely the most basic need for survival. Home ownership, independent means of travel, budget for personal improvement, food, clothing, medicine, education; are all living cost and are a part of the financial needs to maintain a lifestyle of existing outside of "poverty." Our household is a family of two and yet the goal seems unobtainable unless my lifestyle choice was to spend 8 hours a day five days a week for 52 weeks of the year making 12.5 items a day and sell over 62.5 items a week. I did not get into artisan work to spend all of my time in the workshop and if past events are any proof of concept, then I am in trouble. Selling only one or two items at each event, when I need to sell on average over 60 a week.  

This business choice was to be an independent artist unrestrained by the system and free to empower myself to make life choices that will allow me to live, more than work. A champion of ownership over enslavement and an oracle to tip the balance. Instead, I've become a caricature starving artist, who accepted defeat and waits for government food stamps at $240 a month. Not enslaved as a subordinate to a master but not independently producing a meaningful place in this world. Extremely depressing. A purposeless existence, a life intended for nothing more than to just go through the motions to complete the task to earn enough, not to be impoverished, and pay the bills. 

Looking into the future, 30 years pass... I achieve my goals of earning $30,000 a year in sales. Hopefully I will finance and pay off a home, put away enough to retire and in my 70s. Working 40 hour work weeks in the shop and setting up at events is not living. In 30 years, I'll be able to live instead of work 40 hours a week, making needless items of aesthetic appeal, for consumers who want to buy things, to put on a shelf.  If I am lucky and have community support continuously for over 30 years and cost of living doesn't increase. Then I can be free and retire. Average male life in US 78. 

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