This is what happens when an artist tries to write the 'news'

{Factors of distinguished properties} makes basic everyday events - into the matter, in which humanity refers to as "news." A consideration of this matter, elaborated in total, clear detailed bits for an audience expecting to be informed about those daily meanderings. They'll intentionally stage the mood, paint a picture and guide your attention to a valid conclusion of the sorts. Mind you don't welcome a consortium of conflicting ideals. I mean, 'factors of distinguished properties'.

So funny that you mention that. 

In the realm of the arts: once convened to an elitist level of writ; art galleries in the digital age leaves one aghast in awe of the ocean of talent. Self taught by the people who posted the information teaching me how to teach myself to say that I was self taught and teach it to others who want to teach it to themselves to share and teach it to others. Such a vicious cycle. You're probably better off paying for an online course. Those new online digital social industries that emphasize the importance of learning because social progress is a collective interest.

This is still news. 

(bubbles of attention) a deficit disorder towards selective media interest. a gift to 'the man' as the least attentive seems to be the ones losing the most. then, when 'they' get their attention 'they' give them, tidbits of info that doesn't serve a collective interest. I know what you are thinking... "obviously, serves some interest." Am I right? Yeah, you're right. How could I know what you are thinking. You are strange.

These bubbles are real.

it serves a valid factor to encourage engagement of political discord or service. though, dialog and accepted engagement within these boundaries are managed at an individual's piloted seat. a beautiful thing. no need to rush into a parroting rant of a televised rumor mill or tame your attitude towards your focus of interest. an artist at the helm for arts sake. as the youth celebrate this norm, the end era of an elitist class, evolves into a cross contamination of cultural distinction of what was and what is. 

revolution and normal politics

engagement is low and tensions are high... blah blah blah. they're gonna do this and do that, obviously. from the sidelines, how do you know what is really happening? that is the sentiment projected by the terminology used in todays political grumbling. "Waiting for the administration" or "what does the administration plan on doing", "How do you think they are handling" 
{Me, Talking to Reporter}        

"I've been sitting at home and watching them talk about things and I really have no idea what is happening." 

business as usual

so, the madness remains the same but in this chaos small business digital industries are being created by individuals who work independent of large corporate conglomerate level control within this new social realm. inadvertently maintaining a preservation of a sane perspective of debatable considerations. the one size fits all world view thrives in the social bubbles of the modern ecology of collective realism.

pun intended   

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