Influencer Marketing? Why sport gucci? Do you reach that market?


Let's think about this out-loud

What needs to happen before the holiday season?

As a former radio salesmen the basic rule of thumb was to promote three months out.

We're talking about 13-14 years ago. Maybe marketing principles have changed but this is the moment when 'american holiday' seasonal marketing campaigns are spending. 

How do those "influencers" find sponsors? Do they work with modeling agencies? Do businesses email them directly and make a deal - owner to owner? 

They probably walk up to local shop and tell the owner... "drop me a hundred bucks and your business will get a shoutout." 

Something simple like that should be sufficient. Analytics be damned. Printiful had a great article about this topic. 

here is the link

The full time social media content creator business model?

Does that too require a three month promo consideration? Sure why not... 

Contest Promotions that have sponsors

A content creator can do a giveaway with sponsors being mentioned. Happens all of the time but this is the time when they want to spend. That promotional holiday shopping money... not just a win for the business sponsor but the small business content creator. 

Oh yeah. There was a Gen Z Marketing article too from printiful.

The printiful design system is user friendly but these email drops are just a special treat.

Here ya go.


Person to person, cash in hand, transactional business is old school these days but a lemonade stand is a lemonade stand. So before the 'american holiday season' there should be some consideration on any preparations needed to coordinate and prepare for these transactional encounters.

Empowering social media content creators and 'influencers' as marketing professionals allows for a concentrated wealth to be redistributed in an organic manner. 

As tv media becomes more and more national due to consolidated media conglomerates, localized campaigns will require online media leaders to reach an audience at a local level. The genuine relationships developed by social media professionals will eventually dip into the deep pockets of political campaigns typically given to billboards, tv ads and radio. 

These are not facts based on scientific data. This opinion piece is nothing more than a dystopian representation of people power via social media exposure. As large corporate media giants continue to enrich themselves by reaching into the deep pockets of 'high end' cliental to reach the aging boomer class, the cogs are spinning in the virtual ecological economy. Expressed nicely in the Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar youtube outro, "Best way to say screw you to the mainstream media."

The 'american holiday' season is a large circulation of currency world wide. Needless items are purchased to express emotional contextual significance and cultural norms embedded into spending habits due to religious obligation.

(great they bought me a gift now I have to get them one)

Localized spending reintegrates that spending back into your community which is helpful for social development. While large agencies that promote at state or national levels only receive advertising dollars of large corporations from industry leaders, they don't give back to local businesses like a small business social influencer will. 

That is all. 

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