What is sanity in such a crazy world?

There is a term in the media called "culture wars." Ironically, a concept that implies as if there is a dominate mentality amongst the melting pot of social diversity called America. A combat of wits and know it alls that hold the key to the manor of the palace temple. In so much, there was a time, these type of ideals would have been laughed at and in the dark corners of reality some are still laughing. The foreign campaigns that our 'leaders' are engaging in become side notes to history ( for some ). While like the days of old, journalism has become the gatekeeper of public awareness, as long as [we] pay attention. 

Unfortunately the coverage from the media of the 'culture war' has become a demeaning manipulation of the perceptions of reality. Antipolice brutality is counter balanced with propaganda of police community involvement, instead of systemic changes that resemble justice. Affordable college or free college dialogue morphs into talks about student debt. Most recently the battle cry to unify against 'white supremacy' is to demonize our own neighbors, labeling the competing political faction as such, on the news networks. Whether they were white or not. The 'culture war' is a war of worlds that are intermixed and forever changing but dominated by a faction of the collective that demands assimilation. 

In some nations, the 'culture wars' of the current era were issues resolved hundreds of years ago. In others, there is still a need to grow and evolve. Then there are ancient societies that have dealt with cyclical changes. Also, we have matters that are nonsensical and to speak otherwise in polite company would be rude. This would bring the 'culture war' to the unwanted ideal of equality. Equality dictates principles that challenge the resolve of the contenders.
Once considered normal, humans were identified by the anatomy of their sexual organs. Now, as if a weapon against personal self awareness, society has normalized clothing, hair styles and social character roles as traits of an individuals sexual anatomy. The "culture war" has zero interest in equality when a sane individual can acknowledge the madness of such an outrageous mentality... condemned as a bigot or called phobic. Instead of understanding that other people can think for themselves and won't submit to assimilation. 


This 'culture war' madness has gone so far that individuals go through surgery and take hormonal pills to alter their bodies. Children are encouraged by adults to feed into this mental state of being and to speak up publicly against it is condemned. The same thing happens to anti-war protesters and environmentalist. To speak against the system can get a person 'canceled' - another aspect of the 'culture war.' A practice that comes straight from the bible of the good vs the bad mentality. Again, another tool used in the 'culture war' on media coverage of conversations about foreign affairs and conflicts. Allowing American citizens to be wrongfully profiled by authorities and justified by their righteousness to the cause. Speaking against military action in foreign lands is seen as a 'culture war' attack against our troops because they protect our "American way of life." While innocent civilians are killed, war crimes are unanswered, and radical extremist are born to avenge their loved ones.   

Boys dress like girls and girls dress like boys. We used to tell children to love themselves as they are. Now in this new 'culture war' we are told to accept this reality. To each their own. Religion is pushed onto children in the same manner. Exposed to a singular perspective of reality or history... taught in the schools and churches. Children are encourage to glorify the oppressors and honor holidays of bigoted religions but the 'culture war' doesn't want to hear from the living ancestors who were taught to read or have a college education. Why would they, if they can just 'cancel' them. The theatrics of unity associated with the commonality of thought in religious ideals, cannot be seen in the river of blood tied to the past. The same as the division of attention to the politics of 'culture wars' that distract from the righteous meddling in foreign nations. We used to tell our children that all people are created equal and have inalienable rights. The 'leaders' of America have undemocratically interfered in the political sphere of sovereign nations which is a 'culture war' attack against American values. 

How much 'time' needs to pass before a practice becomes the culture? 



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