Average drive time 25.9 miles a day. Fuel cost...

The new thing... solar powered cars?

For some reason the internet algorithmic programming has opened the exposure of hydrogen powered vehicles. Sounds super futuristic. A hybrid combustion engine / EV car... according to the internet video that was making the case. 

Now, to put the madness hat on. 

There seems to be a fine line between living as a realist and coming off as cynical. As history seems to repeat itself; this 'new' open capitalistic market is a war of pocket book powerful philanthropist guided by governing styles that always leave a ripple of unsatisfied citizenry. Yet, the majority with no pocket book power are left to a theatrical presence of their oligarchs parading around with ambitious social solutions, that make right the wrong. 

If not mistaken the United States motivation to become energy independent was driven by the 1973 oil crisis. 

It makes sense. A foreign country shouldn't have that much power and control over national security and production. The rational boomer narrative? Those whom lived during this era of the nineteen hundreds, experienced the affliction first hand. This is about a rational concern as well... the control that oil has over the average household and how hydrogen powered cars will also give that control away... once again. 

The same way that the US became energy independent, humanity has the opportunity to help grow a personalized social development tool that deny oligarchs the ability to manipulate and control large developmental decisions and personal financial independence. The rot that has come from market and industry control, has our leaders corrupted and tied to limited developmental tools. Ironically, limited because of systems developed to maintain a check and balance intended to protect the masses. 

Now, this isn't an attack on the players, using the legal system to work the system. That is the battle cry of peaceful activism. This is a memorandum to "those in the know." Solar powered vehicles will not need fueling stations and fueling stations gives power to the distributors. (oligarchs) Just how foreign nations can use oil to control the markets and security of other nations. 


They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions. The tech will evolve and grow. In fact it already is. The industry oligarchs are seeing the potentiality and investing. Algorithmic exposures of solicitations presenting alternate solutions such as hydrogen are a welcomed discord of ideals. It is better than ignoring all possibilities. This is just an expression of consideration from a rational point of few. 

The cost of higher fuel becomes a cost of higher products and goods. The difference between searching for coupons or buying extra items from the supermarket. This sounds like a little too much control over a sovereign nations self empowerment but to each their own. Now, that that has been said let's see what the future brings. 

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